mixed media installation. 4 islands (medium sheets, laser cut), dedicated software, audio streaming,speakers, quadraphonic sound system – variable dimensions – 2014

A continuous diffusion of underwater sounds are recorded live from an observatory of bioacoustic research : “listen to the deep Ocean ” and mixed with a sound composition based on binaural beats.
The idea was to work on the question of landscape and archipelagos, as well as in it’s geologic, imaginary or mythological sense. The exhibition space can be seen as an archipelago that we would cross navigating through sounds, inhabiting over time, in the here and now of the experience. But it would also send it back to an exterior, a somewhere else becoming palpable through the mix of the audio flux recorded live from the underwater depths of the Mediterranean sea.
Four pieces of wood are raised on a base, they are polyhedrons with sharp edges erecting their faces interlocked by a set of cuts creating micro terraces. Each virtuel volume is cut in slices and reassembled, presenting a superposition of slices evoking the stratigraphic and geological maps where the cycles of erosion are mesured , the level of temporality and sedimentary sequences.
The islands come with small acoustic speakers inserted in the thickness of the cuts. A sound vibrates through the archipelo, like a deep rumble that comes up to the surface spreading in the air. A composite sound where deep layers of bioacoustic sounds mingle with the haunting call of low frequencies based on the principle of binaural beats. The diffusion of sound creates a space
where the spectator-auditor implicates himself, where the body and mind are called for a troubling experience.