City score

mixedmedia Installation ,wall painting, projection, computer, dedicated software, iannix,microphones, quadraphonic sound system,variable dimensions – 2012

City Score raises the question of the relationship between body and territory and attempts to explore a poetic dialogue between « inside » and « outside ». This research project is about soundscapes and its possible representations.
For the first phase of research within the Laboréales the Maison Folie de Mons (Be) ,City score takes shape in a mix media installation , criss crossing drawings , video projection and generative sound. A graphic score made from photographs of the city of Mons and Brussels, generates and transforms synthesized sounds who are mixed with live field recordings of the city.
This creating an open composition to the flow of the city’s sound,potentially without a beginning or end, to proposing a relationship between different temporalities that intertwine.

City Score by Anne Cauquelin
Spaces of the city are not uniform. They are presented to us as a succession if inside and outside, often intertwined. But if a drawing, a plan or a photograph seems to account for this interleaving, it is above all sound that is the most likely to make the diversity ofplacesmore palpable , more singular.
For the City Score project of Julien Poidevin , sounds are picked up in the streets an d squares of a city (Mons and Brussels) . They a re mixed wi th synthetic sounds gen erated and transformed by a graphic score in a space. Bringing their own temporali ty ,these sounds “behave” d ifferently when they a retransmitted . The difference between the inside and outside space is not only given to see, but also to hea r.
J ulien Poidevin research highlights the fluidity of sou n d and it’ s perpetual tran sformation and intensity according to the spaces in volved . He discovered passages in the city, a sort of corridor that can not be discerned by the eye, but where sound travels and lives.
A composition open to audio streams, potentially without beginning or end , this
experiment uses a mixmedia installation to reveal unknown places of our urban environment. In this, Julien Poidevin places himself in a line of a contemporary research, that creates an art and an art piece, not as a freezed result, but a process of discovery: an ingenuity that finds the way to make perceptible what is i generally opaque and stays unseen to us.
Anne Cauquelin – Philosopher, writer (author of The Invention of the landscape) L’invention du paysage


City score de JULIEN POIDEVIN par BandePassante