“a motionless travel, sounds trace trajectories in the space, drawing the outskirts of a imaginary landscape..”

A sound and spatial creation realized by Stéphanie Kerckaert and Julien Poidevin, the Dôme proposes to the visitors a space of relaxation and well being,

This ≪ sophro-dôme ≫ was concieved by Stéphanie Kerckaert, who has worked for this occasion with a sophrologist , and put in sound by Julien Poidevin . This is a soothing space where bribes of voices and soft electronic sounds invites the spectator to lye down and to let himself nest in the spatialized sequences that are embedded in the bed of this white Dome. A ≪ electrorganic ≫ sound track composed by Julien Poidevin attends this process of relaxation and invites to an internal hearing of the rythms and sounds of the body.