les bruits du monde

générative video installation and audio-tactile broadcast.
variable dimensions – production DomaineM – 2014

A video projection of over a hundred macroscopic shots are mixed continuously , images of tiny insects, plantes, textures, details (infimes) of life. Two rectangle images occupy side by side the totality of the wall and are alternately brassed by a live random construction..
A two place sofa welcomes two spectators at a time; under the cushions, audio transducers liberate a sound that vibrates and travels through the body of the spectators. This is a hydrophonic sound recorded from the Aumance river at a low depth. Lasting in a loop of 30 minutes..
A deep tremble evokes an underground flux or waterfalls, propagating in the body of the spectators while colorful, mysterious images continue to appear in a rhythmic deroulement way.