lignes sonores

mixed media installation, computer,16 l-wires, dedicated software, electronic, quadraphonic sound system – variable dimensions . 2014

This audio and light emitting installation creates a new architecture in an given space. The web of threads reacting to sound are like a 3 dimensional score deployed in space. sound and light recreating ephemeral architectural structures
An audio reactive installation made of Lwire deployed as a web of threads in space , inviting the spectator to rediscover the space through a new poetic angle.
Lignes sonore presents itself as a synaesthetic and multi-sensory research, experimenting new immersive shapes.

Lignes Sonores from julien poidevin on Vimeo.

Lignes sonores de JULIEN POIDEVIN par BandePassante

Lignes Sonores – Festival ]interstice[ rencontre des inclassables – 2015 – Caen (FR)