mixed media installation. fabrics, electronics, led bulbs,motors, dedicated software, quadraphonic sound system- variable dimensions -production Agglo Maubeuge-Val de Sambre et Idem+Arts – 2014

Mycorhize is a in situ intervention installation which becomes integrated into architecture of the site like a mushroom and changes our own connection with the place,. a kind of an architectural graft . The setting spreads itself in an organic way in the room welcoming it ,and let itself be captured little by little between light and sound. The idea is to offer an experiment on the perception via a work on sound ,the light, space and their interactions.

Mycorhize is composed of a sculpture, a veil of materials of 6 bright spheres with a quadraphonic sound system.Light and sound composition can be fixed on a support or generative , and changes according to its location. In its future versions, the installation will be generated based on environmental parameters, such as light, temperature and humidity in order to further the dialogue with the place .

Mycorhize – Julien Poidevin (ENG) from MediaFaz on Vimeo.